La coma

your mouth is out of sync  ] with what you are saying [

it’s easy to blame

the animals        you have never listened to

their barks\whines\whimpers\nickers\grunts\peeps

these songs of & from


the eaten           vermin & vector & victim

they mimic your responses — how you discern

truth        make distinctions

create narrow scales

of things        no longer sound


you tell them everything will be ok

but theirs is a different truth

they watch you put things down   :   play

bitter yellows against sweet

oranges        your tongues moving

to protect teeth              to sever obligations


they would almost believe you are trying

to shift perspective — a turn

to the ordinary of washing & drying

dishes   stitching on loose buttons    the sound

of brooms growing           they know you risk the rising

of truth — the heat of the iron

the smell of scorched cloth

they know you intuit breath shit sleep       the long list of you

empirical evidence rationalizing

the breathing & the breathless

those who lick worlds into your words

you    expect them to bleed


listen :  there :      the clackin’ of the removal service

you’re hearing the end of your time

its green line untethered


but    don’t fret

they will watch the cherry blossom

they will prance      align to

rhythms of snort & whinny


their snouts push into earth

sated    dark mouths compose

an earthy constellation


& you?